I am Lisa Dawn Martinez, also known as The Finicky Editor, and I love all things to do with words. I write fiction, magazine articles, ad copy, and web copy. I am also a freelance editor and writing coach.

I recently was bestowed with the incredible honor of having a Language Arts Teacher Trainer at a secondary college in Buenos Aires, Argentina incorporate my short novella Dragonfly Landing into her course curriculum, creating a discussion group and using my story in her training of other teachers. Not even words can convey the degree of privilege I feel with the gift of this recognition. As a writer, telling an entertaining and engaging story is always a goal, but to be able to touch readers on a deeper level definitely supersedes that. I am immensely grateful to all who have read my work. Thank you.

As an editor and writing coach, it is my passion to help other writers–writers like you–succeed. I have loved words all my life. My mother will tell you that I was speaking in conversational sentences at one and a half…and that I haven’t stopped talking since. From the moment I learned to read I have had an addiction to the written word also. Communication has always been my passion.  I spent a good portion of my life being irritated at noticing every little mistake in something, craving perfection but finding it rarely. I have turned that negative into a positive by following my dreams of becoming the self-appointed head of the Grammar Police.

With my desire to create flawless copy and prose, and your gifts as a writer, together we can take your manuscript from friends and family saying, “Hey, that’s a great story,” to readers raving, “What an awesome book. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Now, is the time to take YOUR dream to the next level and trust your editing to someone who cares as much about your story as you do. My extremely loyal clients will attest to that. Check out the endorsements page to see what a few of them have said about their Finicky editing experience. I provide my clients with top-notch editing as well as compassionate teaching, with an occasional dash of what they have deemed “tough love.” I always endeavor to keep my prices competitively low while keeping in mind that an average novel edit can take at least forty to sixty uninterrupted hours to edit to my high standards and those of my clients.

In today’s ever-changing publishing landscape you can’t afford not to hire an editor to help make your work the best it can be. Whether you are considering self-publishing or approaching an agent or publishing house, your work must be polished to succeed.

I like to think of myself as you do your trusted hairstylist…we both cut and style to make you look your best, and you can trust us with your most-prized possession–you. I will treat your novel and characters the way you would want them to be treated: with respect. I have an innate ability to maintain the author’s/character’s voice when editing, and I am well-versed in both US and British/Canadian English.    

I employ a per-word fee structure in order to simplify the process and make it easier for you, the writer, to estimate the cost ahead of time. I will never give you a surprise invoice in excess of the agreed amount. If extra work needs to be done during the course of the contracted edit, any additional fees will always be discussed prior to commencement. (*Please see editorial services page for more information.)

I won’t say I am 100% ~ that would be cavalier. However, I always strive for it, and I tend to find things others have missed. I am often hired to fix previously “professionally” edited work. In fact, I have had a new client that had four books that needed editing and wanted it done quickly, so they hired me for two and another editor for the other two. In short, that client emailed me saying, “You’re going to tell me ‘I told you so.’ You were right. We tried someone else, we are not happy with it and we want you to fix it.”

I took on the last two books in the series, and, rather than saying I told you so, I simply showed them so by giving my all to the project, resulting in happy clients and pride in a job well done.

Your success is my success, and my clients will all tell you that I go above and beyond expectations ~ every time.

Contact me now to book your project or get a quote on services.


In addition to my active editing/coaching schedule, I have published several articles, short fiction, and I am currently working on four novels.

It’s Always Darkest (Formerly: Before the Dawn)

Zero Degrees

What Comes Around



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