What does your “gift-horse” look like?

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Trust is an important ingredient in life. We need trust in ourselves,  trust in our family and our friends, trust in our health-care practitioners, trust in people we deal with day to day for business or personal transactions, trust in strangers – whether they are driving on the road with us or preparing food for us to eat.

In fact, we couldn’t really get through a day without blindly trusting someone or a whole bunch of someones. We would become completely agoraphobic. It happens. It is easier to get through life with a healthy mix of trust and caution; there are times when, rightly so, we feel we should not trust an unfamiliar person – if we believe in ourselves in those times, we can make the right choice about trusting that shady-looking stranger.

That inner faith also gives us the instinct to trust when we need to.

Perhaps you got a flat tire on the side of the highway… how do you know if you can or should let the person who stops to help you… well… help? The answer is the same. By trusting yourself.

There is another type of trust that seems a little harder for many of us. It seems it is much easier for us to trust a complete stranger in another city or country to manufacture the pre-packaged meal we cook for dinner than it is for us to trust the Universe.

With so much practice, day in and day out, why is it so challenging to accept that the Universe has a divine plan for us based on what we have put forth in asking for ourselves?

We have so much invested in the time we spend worrying about things. We worry about what will happen tomorrow and we dwell on what happened yesterday. But, what if it was all part of a plan? Our plan. What then?

Have you ever backed off, stopped the worry machine in your mind and just let it be…

If you did, what happened? Did it all work out? Maybe it didn’t. But sometimes that is part of something else working out in the future. When one door closes another one opens, they say. Sometimes we have to go backwards to move forward. Sometimes we need to slow down to speed things up and sometimes we need to lose something dear to us in order to get something new. And, every so often we cannot see how vast the forest is because we are too close to the trees.

The yin and the yang – the give and the take. It is all part of the evolutionary process – the one that pushes us towards our goals, even when we think it is pushing us away.

Hold true but be flexible. Maybe your “gift-horse” won’t look anything like a horse at all when it comes to give you what you have been asking for.

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